Dataiku: Crafting Engaging and Insightful Visual Content

Form + Function helps Dataiku create engaging eBook content for its lead generation efforts

Client Overview:

Dataiku is a leading AI and machine learning platform that democratizes data science across an organization. With a robust content strategy that delves into highly technical subjects, they were looking to expand their range of downloadable thought leadership content. This required scalable, brand-aligned visual content that would not only inform but also engage their audience.

Dataiku engaged Form + Function to serve as a dedicated visual design partner for its content team, producing eBooks, reports, infographic, flipbooks, brochures and more. 


  • Bandwidth: Dataiku’s internal design team was stretched thin, struggling to keep pace with the demand for eBooks, flipbooks, infographics, and more.
  • Brand Alignment: The content needed to adhere to Dataiku’s established brand guidelines, maintaining consistency across various formats.
  • Complexity: As an AI company, presenting intricate, technical content in an engaging manner posed a creative challenge.
  • Expansion: They sought a creative partner to explore and expand into new content formats and mediums, reinforcing the brand’s innovative spirit.


  • Brand Understanding: Through a detailed audit of Dataiku’s visual system, Form + Function’s team gained insights into their brand guidelines and style preferences, enabling us to produce resources as an extension of their internal design team.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Interviews with Dataiku’s creative stakeholders helped us comprehend their goals, preferences, and vision for content production.
  • Agile Partnership: As an on-call partner, our team was ready to adapt to Dataiku’s evolving needs, ensuring timely delivery of top-quality visual content.
  • Innovative Formats: Together with Dataiku, we explored new “flipbook” content formats designed for bite-sized, easily digestible consumption.

Types of Visual Content We Produce for Dataiku:


We help Dataiku bring its eBook content to life with engaging visual designs, built within their eBook content guidelines.


We were tasked with creating a new, more digestible format for certain topics Dataiku wants to cover with timely, bite-sized content. 

Solutions Briefs

Dataiku engaged F+F to produce a template to showcase its industry-specific “Dataiku Solutions,” pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates to accelerate their customers’ delivery of AI use cases.


We help Dataiku bring its eBook content to life with engaging visual designs, built within their eBook content guidelines.


We’ve produced eBook content for Dataiku across several iterations of its brand and visual guidelines, adapting our visual style to each brand refresh while producing visuals 


We helped Dataiku imagine a new, more digestible format for its content resources on topical or newsworthy concepts. Called a flipbook, this concept focuses on navigational resources and progress indicators to help readers conceptualize their progress through these digestible, bite sized resources on topics in data science and AI. 

Solutions Briefs:

We helped Dataiku develop a template to promote its Dataiku Solutions, pre-built projects and ready-to-use templates designed to help customers in different industries quickly deploy the power of Dataiku’s platform to find insights within their data. 


We designed Dataiku’s and Databricks collaborative AI Today Data Survey Report, a collection of insights from 400 Senior AI professionals on attitudes and issues across the industry. 

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