Forestville Family Dentistry: A Modern Brand + Website Helps a New Practice Gain Traction

A new practice gains traction with a fresh website, brand and top page search results.

Client Overview:

Forestville Family Dentistry operates in Forestville, CA, under a single practitioner. Following the acquisition from a retiring dentist, the owner aspired to introduce a revitalized brand and website, signaling a refreshing approach to dental care. The key goal was to mitigate potential patient loss during the transition and ensure new patient growth. Given the frequent patient migration to nearby towns for dental needs, it was crucial for the practice to be prominently visible in local online searches.



Generic Web Presence: The previous website used a standard template, with the practice lacking content ownership. The initial website was not unique, and its content was not proprietary, making it hard to differentiate the practice in the local digital landscape.

Limited Mobile Usability: The website lacked responsiveness for mobile users. Potential patients accessing the website on mobile devices encountered a less than ideal user experience, making it harder to retain their interest.

Absence of Distinct Branding: The practice did not have its own logo or recognizable brand identity. Without a distinct visual identity, it was challenging to differentiate the newly acquired practice from its predecessor or other competitors.



Branding Transformation: Form + Function created a distinctive brand for Forestville Family Dentistry, infusing a fresh color scheme, tailored fonts, and a renewed visual identity. With a fresh visual direction, the practice could now showcase its new management’s approach and ethos.

Custom Web Design: The new brand was integrated into a tailor-made website, adhering to healthcare website best practices. Each service and location was given its dedicated webpage, ensuring the site’s seamless usability across varying devices and screen dimensions. 

As the practice didn’t previously own any of the content or images on its website, Form + Function designed and developed the website and all content for it, which the practice now owns. We purposefully used a simple website layout to avoid the need for lots of custom or stock photography, instead generating visual interest with the use of color and custom fonts. 

Comprehensive Digital Strategy: A robust online marketing approach was implemented, integrating SEO, targeted social media campaigns, and automated review solicitations. This strategy aimed at amplifying the practice’s local online presence and driving a consistent inflow of new patients.



Prominent Online Visibility: Forestville Family Dentistry now stands out in local search outcomes, especially when potential patients seek dental services. Their revamped digital presence ensures that they are one of the first options potential patients encounter when seeking dental care in and around Forestville.

Enhanced Patient Feedback: The practice now boasts a wealth of positive patient testimonials across various platforms. Such positive feedback not only adds credibility to the practice but also offers potential patients a glimpse into the quality of care they can expect.

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