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Form + Function’s healthcare brand kits help design-conscious healthcare businesses get a faster start on their websites and branded materials with beautiful and professionally-designed brands that resonate with patients. All kits include styles for logos, fonts, colors, websites, advertising materials and more. Use them as is or mix and match with the help of our design team to create somethign that’s truly unique.

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We develop modern and sophisticated brands for healthcare practices.

Your brand is the foundation of how your business looks across every visual medium, from your website to your business cards, paperwork and giveaways. Form + Function brands help your business stand out with visual identity systems that are ready to be used to make every patient touchpoint a beautiful one. Our brands include the following designs and branded templates to help your business project a professional and consistent aesthetic:

  • Logo design or refresh
  • Font, color and image style selections
  • Website
  • Patient paperwork
  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Email newsletters
  • Digital and print advertising
  • Social media post templates
Lumena brand by Form + Function
Lumena brand mobile mock by Form + Function

Our websites unite form and function to attract and engage more patients.

When people are looking for a dentist, most start with a Google search. In fact, 73% of people research healthcare treatments online and 61% of patients visit at least two practice websites before deciding on a dentist. Competition is stiff, so our websites are built to compete at a foundational level. Our sites that are carefully designed for the needs of patients and search engines alike, with intuitive, fast-loading and conversion-oriented layouts, setting a strong foundation to attract a steady stream of new patients.


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Frequently asked questions:

Can you build me a website but use my practice’s current brand?

That depends on how you think about what exactly makes up your brand. We think of brand as the mix of many styles to create your business’ visual identity, including your logo, color palette, font choices, style of images and verbal tone. As a part of our process, we’re down to keep some of that, but typically not all and very rarely without some changes. There are no cost benefits to taking on a website redesign with us and leaving your brand untouched.

If you have an existing or established brand it’s wise to want to maintain parts of it like your current logo, colors or fonts. In most cases, we’ll certainly also advise you to keep your name and website URL. As a custom brand and website design agency, we’re here to help you build on and enhance your existing brand, so please feel free to communicate to our team about the parts of your existing brand that you hate, would consider changing, or want to keep exactly as-is. We typically do not use entire client brands exactly as-is. As a part of our process for existing brands, our team will make recommendations for improvements or a fresh take on brand style, cohesiveness and documentation for practical or aesthetic reasons. 

Can I make changes to the logo, colors, fonts and image styles?

Yes. We find it’s easier for our clients to arrive at a brand they love when they’re not starting from scratch, but the styles we’ve chosen for each brand kit aren’t set in stone. The graphics and styles we’ve chosen are just one way to imagine how a brand could look. You can use it exactly as-is or work with our team to explore different styles entirely using the aesthetic of the brand kit you most like as a starting point.

Are your websites custom or templates?

They’re more custom than template, but somewhere in between. Form + Function’s websites are built on a modular system that allows us to achieve the best of both worlds between custom builds and templates. That’s a fancy way to say we don’t create mass-produced templated sites but we also don’t believe it’s always necessary to reinvent the wheel for simple page sections like contact forms or doctor profiles, unless you want to, of course. The result is more swiss army knife than cookie cutter. Our modular system also allows us to make incremental improvements to our clients sites when they subscribe to a marketing package, allowing us to make changes to the modules we use based on data collected from many of our client websites, leading to improvements across technical but important things like loading speed, schema markup and conversion rates.

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