Catchy Dental Office Names, Logos + Brands You Can Use

How to Create Catchy Dental Office Names & Brands

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or multi-location DSO, opening a new dental office is hard work that requires many important decisions. One of the most important and difficult decisions you’ll likely make in this process is selecting your office’s name and establishing its brand.

Selecting a catchy dental office name for your practice is a crucial step that sets the tone for your brand and influences how potential patients perceive you. In a sea of traditional names, a thoughtfully chosen, modern name can help you stand out. As a healthcare branding agency Form + Function has a bit of experience in this area, so we created this helpful guide to aid your process of picking the right name for your new office. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing a name that’s both memorable and reflective of your practice’s identity.

Focus on Desired Outcomes To Craft A Positive Brand Identity

To craft a catchy dental office name, skip tired old naming conventions and instead think of words that are loosely related to dentistry. This could include results you provide or the experience you wish to offer. For example, names that include words like Lumena or Brilliance can capture the essence of a desired outcome of a luminous, brilliant smile in a more engaging and memorable way. If a single word name feels too vague, names like these can be easily combined with words referencing a specialty to add clarity, like Lumena Dental Studio or Brilliance Cosmetic Dentistry.

Name Idea: Lumena Cosmetic Dental

Available: Brand style or name 

Apply Lumena’s visual aesthetic to your existing practice or buy the brand name and web properties. 

Embrace Modern Suffixes for a Catchy Dental Office Name

While naming suffixes like ‘Dentistry’ and ‘Dental Group’ are time-tested, they can sometimes feel too conventional. If you’re looking to give your office a catchy, modern appeal, consider using terms like ‘Studio’, or ‘Clinic’, instead. Names like “Enamel Dental Studio” or project a fresh, modern vibe that can attract a diverse client base.

Alternatively, you could use words that people will associate with a dentist as an ending to your name, like Smiles.

Name Idea: Enamel Dental Studio


Cool Dental Names: Aim for Succinct, Impactful Names for a Modern and Sophisticated Feel

Modern naming trends favor brevity and relevance. Try to choose names that are 1-2 words long, relating to dentistry or dental anatomy, and embody a sleek, professional feel. For example, names like “Arches Ortho” or “GrinCraft” sound sophisticated, memorable and evocative of dentistry, dental anatomy or desirable outcomes of working with a skilled dental professional.

Name Idea: GrinCraft


Name Idea: Arches Ortho


Get Hyper Local with Neighborhood Names

Incorporating your location into your name helps build a local connection. While mentioning the city is common, using neighborhood names can resonate even more with local residents. A name like “SoWa Smiles” feels personal and relevant, reinforcing your community presence and appeal.

Pick a Name for the Long Run: Avoid Using Your Own Name Or Specific Location

Many small or single practitioner offices may be inclined to pick a business name that incorporates their own last name or an overly-specific location, like the name of their street. We find that these sorts of names can restrict the business’ options in the long run. For instance, if you name your business with your own last name, what will happen if you add partners or associates down the road, or even sell the business entirely? If you name your practice something like 6th Street Dental, what might happen if you outgrow your space and need to move to 10th Street?

A practice’s name, address and phone number are some of the strongest identification signals that it sends to search engines and changing all or one of them has the potential to disrupt online visibility. To avoid this, we advise practices we work with to select a name that avoids incorporating themes that may change in the future or restrict the practice’s options for growth, ownership or movement as much as possible. To do so, skip names which associate the practice too closely with you or it’s physical location and plan ahead for your ambitions for growth with a name that’s suited for the business you want to become, even if you’re small at the moment. 


A Name is Only The First Step in Building A Brand

Consider how your name will look on your website, patient handouts and various marketing materials, from business cards to social media profiles. A good name and logo will fit well with the thoughts and feelings you want to convey to patients and enhance your overall branding strategy.

By incorporating these modern naming strategies, you can choose a dental office name that is not only unique and memorable but also reflective of your practice’s values and goals. A well-chosen name is a foundational element of your brand identity and can greatly influence your practice’s success.

Make Sure Domain and Social Media Profiles Are Available

Nowadays, most patients find their dentists online, making your practice’s name, website and digital presence the cornerstone of its marketing success. Before settling on a name, check its availability as a web domain and on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram or work with an agency who will.

At Form + Function, we recognize that building an excellent brand for your practice involves a lot of creativity, vision and legwork, which is why we’ve put in the time to help provide some visual branding options to serve as a starting point for your new practice’s identity. All of the brand identities mentioned in this post are available for use and we’ve secured domain names, as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts for each of them and more. We also back the brands we create with best-in-class websites and marketing strategies which can include SEO, paid search, blogging, social media and email marketing as a turnkey digital solution for all of your practice’s marketing needs. We have the expertise to ensure your office has a strong and successful opening.

If you’re interested in any of the brand identities we’ve shared in this post or like our style and would like for us to craft something unique for you, reach out to learn more.

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