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Whitepaper Design + Writing

Custom eBook Design & Copywriting

white paper content design can help your brand reach its lead generation goals.

Generate more leads withebooks & whitepapers createdjust for your brand.

If you have a product with a long sales cycle, satisfying your leads’ need for information throughout the buying process is essential. 68% of B2B marketing teams create eBooks for lead generation because they’re a great way to familiarize buyers with the details of a product or prime a lead for purchase.

Our team of eBook designers and writers have helped create eBooks & whitepapers for some of the best brands in content marketing, so no matter your industry, we have the right talent in place to help you expand your team’s bandwidth and reach your lead generation goals. Whether you’ve already developed copy or you’re starting from scratch, we’re here to help you write or design an eBook that will serve as an effective part of your sales funnel.

The Form + Function eBook Design Process

We’re here to help you position yourself as a thought leader in your field and generate leads along the way. Here’s how we help you look great on paper (or pixels).

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