We help dentists achieve recognition  in patient-facing publications and  build powerful links in the process.  

SEO/PR for Dentists

Our SEO/PR service is an excellent option for practices in large, competitive markets or those looking to stand out to a national audience.

Supercharge your practice’s SEO efforts and establish your doctors as experts in the field of dentistry with our SEO/PR service. One of the most important and most difficult parts of an SEO strategy involves receiving links from authoritative sources, like dental professional associations and industry publications.

Form + Function’s SEO/PR service takes high quality link building to the next level by pairing SEO know-how with tactics more common to traditional PR. We create optimized content on behalf of the doctors at your practice and disseminate the work to reliable sources for republication. When an article we co-create is picked up by a publication, the practice receives a link, often in the doctor’s biography, boosting the authority of your practice’s website and sending a strong positive quality signal to search engines, enhancing your website’s ability to outrank competitors.

Since each post we collaborate on is attributed to a doctor at your practice, this service is a great fit for doctors looking to establish themselves as influencers or thought-leaders and for practices who want to cement the reputation of their doctors as experts in the field.


We help dental practices build authority online and off. Here’s what we do to ensure leading practices get the credit and notoriety they deserve.


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