Monterey Peninsula Dental Group: A Market-Leading Web Presence

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy helps MPDG attract 100+ patients each month.

Client Overview:

Monterey Peninsula Dental Group (MPDG) stands at the heart of downtown Monterey, California, delivering exceptional dental care since 1972. Comprising a dedicated team of dentists and hygienists, MPDG is committed to offering a high-quality dental experience in a serene ambiance. Their rich legacy, combined with state-of-the-art technologies, ensures comprehensive dental care services for the Monterey community.

MPDG partnered with Form + Function to achieve a contemporary web presence to solidify its reputation as Monterey’s premier dental practice. They aspired to augment their patient inflow and transition from a generic website to a tailor-made platform, highlighting the wide range of services they provide.



Generic, Poorly-Optimized Website: Prior to partnering with Form + Function, MPDG’s website used a standard template developed by a large healthcare website provider. Aside from failing to do justice to their decades of service and wide range of offerings, MPDG’s old website was poorly optimized for use on mobile devices and failed to include compelling content on each of the services the practice offered. 

Outdated Brand Image: Prior to Form + Function’s rebrand, MPDG’s logo and brand aesthetic didn’t reflect the practice’s modern capabilities and wide range of services. MPDG’s visual representation felt stagnant and didn’t encapsulate their advanced treatments and comprehensive services.

Inconsistent New Patient Numbers: MPDG’s web visibility wasn’t pulling its weight for the practice, resulting in weak and inconsistent new patient numbers. Despite their decades-long legacy, they were overshadowed in online searches by newer competitors, limiting their ability to attract new patients.



Branding Overhaul: Form + Function reimagined MPDG’s brand, developing a refined color scheme, tailored fonts, and a revamped visual identity. MPDG’s new brand aesthetics, reflecting professionalism and modernity, aligned perfectly with their comprehensive offerings and dedication.

Customized Website Design: We infused the refreshed brand across a custom website, underpinned by our focus on search marketing integrations and healthcare website best practices. Every service and specialty now has a dedicated page on a site designed for universal device compatibility, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Holistic Digital Strategy: By intertwining SEO, paid search, and automated review requests, we elevated MPDG’s online presence, driving enhanced patient engagement.



MPDG Commands Top Search Rankings: MPDG’s rejuvenated brand and website ensured top-tier search results, enhancing their local outreach. Their transformation catapulted them to the top of local searches, ensuring patients, new and existing, could easily find and access their services.

1,600 + Positive Patient Reviews: A multitude of positive reviews across various platforms solidified MPDG’s esteemed reputation. Our efforts in channeling patient feedback ensured that MPDG’s digital presence was filled with glowing testimonials, guiding potential patients with authentic experiences.

Reliable New Patient Inflow: The digital revitalization translated to a steady influx of over 100 new patient interactions monthly. This consistent stream of patient inquiries, fueled by our strategies, enabled MPDG to augment their provider roster over time, further establishing their dominance in the Monterey area. 

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